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Wild Violet Jelly

A while ago I was asked to make a wild violet jelly. I first had to locate violets. They smell beautiful, but to some they can be a pain in the butt weed that is hard to control. When they pop up they can soon take over your whole lawn before you know it. So I have decided to grow them in flower boxes made out of old windows.

Wild violets are actually incredibly useful. In fact, they’re even edible. Just keep in mind that wild violets aren’t like ornamental African violet plants. Those cannot be eaten or they’ll make you very ill. We’re talking about the wild violets with tiny little flowers that are only about an inch in length. While purple is the most common, there are white and pink-hued violet varieties too.

Violets have been utilized for their health properties for thousands of years as both the leaves and flowers are considered to be antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. Native Americans utilized violets to treat cancer, and they’ve also been known to use them effectively for eliminating headaches as well as many other health benefits.

Violet leaves and flowers are tasty. In fact, the flowers are wonderfully sweet and tangy, making them a beautiful garnish on a salad or in teas and jellies.

So this season I can finally make a Wild Violet Jelly.

Niagara Farm Girl

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