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Cheese Please!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

I have the pleasure of wholesaling to Upper Canada Cheese. What a perfect pairing for my jellies with their award winning cheeses. The staff are the go to experts on the different types of cheese. They are friendly and knowledgeable, and if we weren’t in covid, samples would be offered at their shop. Some of the cheeses are creamy, some are soft and elastic, some solid and some just plain bitter. When you arrive, the smell of fresh baked bread is in the air and if you are lucky, the smell of my favorite Guernsey Girl Grilling Cheese. That cheese, to me, is the best, it will be hard to leave the shop without purchasing. The cheese curds are moist and extra squeaky with a mild salty taste. Smoked Maple Comfort cheese paired with Cinnamon Bark Jelly tastes a bit like apple pie. Come on! Who doesn’t like apple pie? When you’re tasting cheese, start with a small bite. This way you can let it sit on your tongue and let the flavours bounce off your taste buds. The shop is located in Jordan and the nice part is they stock a lot of local goods. Oh I almost forgot the ricotta cheese cake is just plain yummy!

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