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Wedding favours are just as important as all the decisions you make for your big day. So let me help.

Favours have been around for hundreds of years. In fact, centuries ago, aristocrats in Europe, especially those in Italy and France, would provide their wedding guests with a small gift, which was called a bonbonniere. Basically this was a small box that was made out of metal, porcelain, precious stones, or even crystal. There were various confections made of sugar inside of the boxes that the guests could enjoy after they had gone home.

Since weddings were seen as a lucky time, couples felt that they were passing on good luck to the guests at their wedding when they presented them with a bonbonniere. Most of the time the small boxes often would contain five candies or almonds, which were to stand for wealth, health, longevity, fertility, and happiness.

Wedding Favours
Wedding Favours

Let your wedding favours be something for your guests to take home and enjoy. Exotic Jelly’s wedding line is a fabulous addition to your special day.

Pick your favourite flavours. We can set up a tasting to do just that or let me design something unique just for you!


Custom packaging is available for a small extra charge: example “Spread the Love” or “Love is Sweet" "Thank you for making our Day Complete". Or your name & date on the jars, a ribbon or organza bags whatever you choose. You can also save on cost by getting the bridesmaids together for a night of spiffing up the jars which is fun.

I also hand craft charcuterie boards that will be the perfect gift for your wedding party. They will treasure this gift for years to come. So end your wedding day on a high note by picking a gift they will


Wedding Favours
Hand Crafted Charcuterie Board

To set up a tasting or answer any questions contact

Karen at (905) 328-6976 or

e mail

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