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Updated: Feb 19, 2021

I have been working on helping others. So during the course of time we have been doing social distancing, I decided to add three more gardens to help people out with food. I would like to take credit for most of the growing but, I can’t. It is my little friends that are busy pollinating everything. I have not got stung yet so that a relief. B-Y’s Honey Farm offer hives for purchase and an amazing beekeeping class. I did a lot of thinking while the world was down. Well, I know I will never be rich in money, but helping others is the richest thing. Watching the joy you can give to someone else. (there is nothing like it). So this is the first part of a much larger plan that I am putting into place. So keep checking in to see what is up in the gardens. Niagara Farm Girl.

What's the Buzz!

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