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Wedding Favours

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Jams and Jelly Wedding Favours
Jams and Jelly Wedding Favours

Wedding favours can be pricey, particularly when you have a large guest list. However, don’t fall victim to buying a cheap favour for the sake of having one. Picking a cheap favour is like telling your guest “I spent all my money on me and you are an afterthought.” Why give them something they will never use, keep, or remember your wedding with? Is it worth it? Instead, giving a gift of a unique flavoured gourmet jams and jelly is something that they can enjoy and will talk about later. And just between us, it’s very reasonably priced. Brides should budget roughly $2.50 and up per favour. Wedding favours are just as important as the flowers, dress, venue etc… Not sure when the wedding favours became an afterthought.

When ordering favours consider the number of guests who have replied with a yes for attendance, and be sure to keep in mind that sometimes, guests may show up unexpectedly. When placing and order for favours take the number of replied guests and be sure to add a few extra. We suggest to add at least 3 extra favours for each 70 people attending. We all know a guest that helps themselves to a few extra favours. Don’t forget about one for you and your groom you’d be surprised how many couples forget themselves.

As for your special gift to your wedding party, a hand crafted charcuterie board. Your wedding party will take pleasure each time they entertain. They will thank you for not getting them, cuff links or a piece of jewelry. Pick wedding favours and bridal party gifts that have a special meaning to you and your groom, they are more successful. So why not set up a tasting to pick that unique flavour or two, to make your day memorable.

All of our bookings for wedding favours, receive a gift package for their Stag & Doe at no cost. If you have any question you can contact Karen (905) 328-6976

Have a jelly good day!! Niagara Farm Girl.

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