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This Job Is Making Me Fat!!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Now that I have started making jellies full time, I notice my pants have been increasing in size.

There are ups and downs to making jellies. The upside is, they taste absolutely delicious. The downside is my pants are getting much larger. When I create a new flavour, it can be a crazy time. Sometimes before I am completely satisfied with the taste, I realize that I have sampled a whole jar of jelly. Then I notice my weight starts to upturn. So I finally thought I had figured out a solution for the weight gain. I purchased a membership for the local gym!!. Well in order for that to work, I actually have to show up at the gym, which we all know you can find a million excuses not to go. So now for the second solution. When I go out to do a tasting, I will bring a healthy snack with me instead of me sampling a whole jar of jelly. Maybe I should let other people sample too. Then I'll have gained more opinions on the product instead of gaining more pounds. That is the best idea yet and hopefully after a few months, I will notice my pant size getting smaller. And the gym membership well, I need to set aside some time and become disciplined. I bet that weight will just drop off. Have a jelly good day! Niagara Farm Girl.

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