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“Some Mores”

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

We use to have bonfires when I was young and roasting marshmallows was the best treat ever. One night I thought we were going to do the usual hot dogs and marshmallows and to my surprise my mom introduced us to our very first smore. Wow!!!

Did you know?

· The snack, was originally called “some mores”.

· The largest smore weighed 267 pounds. It took 140 pounds of marshmallows, 90 pounds of chocolate and 90 pounds of graham crackers. (The math doesn’t work. So, either someone ate 53 pounds or it evaporated during roasting).

To my amazement, there is a National Smore Day, August 10 - it provides the perfect excuse to eat marshmallow treats. Well I don’t want to eat the regular smores, so I am dressing them up Exotic Jelly style. You ask, what is that? Graham crackers marshmallow and Hot Pepper Jelly or Lemon Marigold Jelly. Have a jelly good day! Niagara Farm Girl.

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