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Updated: Jan 30, 2020

My gardens are starting to look so green, and I managed to get the cold boxes built thanks to someone getting rid of their old windows. Recycling and supporting small businesses is helping the environment and making your community stronger. I really believe everyone who can, should shop local.

So why shop at the farmer’s market? Well, for example, you are supporting small businesses, building a bunch of new relationships between the consumers and the growers. You can sample what you are buying, teach your small children where their food really comes from (not Walmart) and guess what? Your kids will look forward to the family outing on Saturdays! They will love it!

Each week you will look forward to seeing and talking with the farmers and other vendors that have their hand in producing what you are buying. The purchases that you make at the farmer’s market taste way better, and the things you buy are made with LOVE. Eating a freshly picked

in the fall, or a delicious ear of corn in late summer, is an amazing experience for your taste buds. Purchasing a freshly made jelly from Exotic Jelly compared to a store bought jelly is a huge difference in flavour.

Whether you’ve never been, or have only gone a few times, you should definitely make it a priority to shop at your local farmers market over grocery stores. Bakers, jewelers, artists, brewers, craftsmen, musicians, etc. are sprinkled throughout the weekend venue in this outlet of creativity. I almost forgot the most important thing. This is the best way to meet your neighbors and make some new friends. So see you soon. Market starts May 11th until October 12, from 8:00am to 1:00pm @290 Ridge Road, Ridgeway. Have a jelly good day! Niagara Farm Girl.

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