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It's Hot!!!!

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

So I made my first sugarless jelly and wow is it hot. The heat is so intense I had to put on my gear. It’s going to take a couple more weeks to put the fire out of this jelly. Not sure why using stevia has made the heat so intense. So back to experimenting!

After several years of people requesting diabetic jellies, I have taken the time to study preserving without sugar. I am not a fan of artificial flavouring. To me it always seems to leave an aftertaste in my mouth. That is the reason it is taking so long. So when you are making gourmet jams and jellies and not using sugar, you end up with a softer gel. This is making me a bit crazy (because it is not perfected). So I have created a Hot Pepper Jelly and the taste is wonderful. I will continue to work on the texture over the next few months to get it to my liking (perfect). In the Raspberry Lavender Jam, the berry taste is amazing!!! Without the sugar, it is like you are eating them right off the bush. The Blueberry Lavender Jam gave me a pain in my as_. It wouldn’t do what I wanted it to, so after 4 batches finally success!!! Then we have a Peach Jalapeno Jam. Well, this jam is just wonderful. I think out of the four this is my favourite.

I have studied a number of sweeteners and so far stevia is my preferred. I have some monk fruit seeds growing that also can be used for a sweeteners, so by the end of summer I will be able to try that out as well. But on this journey I have studied so much that the information is overflowing. So we all have periods in our life where we go on sugar free kicks. Whether you are diabetic or have sworn off on sugar we all need a taste bud bursting jelly, to make it all worthwhile.

So as I continue on this new adventure of sugarless jams and jelly, they will only be available at the market. I have to finish tweaking them and then they will be available on line and for wholesale. Have a jelly of a good day!!! Niagara Farm Girl.

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