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Climbing The Mulberry Tree

Updated: Jan 27

Growing up on a farm in #Niagara on the Lake, we had what I thought was a massive mulberry tree. It is mind-boggling to see that it isn’t as big as I thought. There is something about climbing a tree when you are a kid. That exhilarating adrenaline rush and excitement. You climb so high you can’t get down without your brother coaxing you with “stop being a baby”. The tree had the traditional tire swing, and the mulberries were refreshing and delicious. Our hands and feet would be so stained from playing around the tree and picking mulberries as we spotted the ripe ones. Every Sunday evening my mom would drag us in the house and wash our hands and feet with Ajax, so that they would be clean for school Monday morning.

So when I saw that #GoodWood in Niagara Falls was selling mulberry wood, all of those childhood memories came flooding back. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some to make some fabulous cutting boards. It actually has the hues of purple throughout the wood. That same purple that stained our feet and hands when we played under the Mulberry Tree. Have a jelly good day! Niagara Farm Girl.

Exotic Jelly made in
Niagara on the Lake
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