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It’s complicated! The taste of vinegar highlighted with the strong fruity port, will excite your taste buds. The unique flavour is even difficult for me to describe. Enhances the flavour of a juicy steak or serve with warm cheese. Eat it out of the jar and you will be just as happy.




Balsamic Port Jelly

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    Launching a jelly club is the perfect way to receive jam or jelly each month. It makes the perfect gift for someone you love, even yourself.


    Each month: I will select mouthwatering gourmet jams or jellies, one sweet and one savoury that are produced in small batches by Exotic Jelly. Each shipment includes two varieties (190ml jars) made with only the finest, all-natural ingredients, also two recipe cards on how to be creative with your preserves. Delivery is included for 24.99 a month.

    I haven’t forgotten those of you that need sugar free THAT WILL BE COMING SOON!!!!

    Exotic Jelly made in
    Niagara on the Lake
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    exoticjelly @ cogeco .ca


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