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Creative Ways To Use Exotic Jelly

Try Horseradish Jelly on a roast beef sandwich or grilled cheese.

Try Hot Pepper Jelly or Rosemary Jelly with cold cuts.

Try Tomato Garlic Jelly  as a topping on a hamburger instead of ketchup or mustard. You will be surprised.

The best topping on pancakes for a morning breakfast is Cinnamon Bark Jelly.

Try Blackberry Peppercorn Jelly or Chili Pepper Jelly on warm brie. Bake the brie for 12 minutes in oven with jelly on top. 

Cream Cheese and Hot Pepper Jelly for a night of entertaining.

Jelly, Jam or Marmalade  is the perfect topping for cheese cake.

  Several of the jellies make wonderful glazes for your vegetables.

Try Hot Pepper Jelly or Chili Pepper Jelly as the topping for your next taco.

Apple Rose Geranium Jelly as a topping on vanilla ice cream is yummy. Try Blueberry Lavender or Lemon Marigold for a unique flavour. 

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