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Welcome to Exotic Jelly Online

Niagara's Best Jellies!!!
From the heart of Niagara on the Lake, my passion has produced a succulent line of unique gourmet jams and jellies. I grow as many of the ingredients as possible, to ensure the finest blends with enticing fragrant aromas, vibrant colours, and flavours that will stimulate all of your senses. From my sweet Raspberry Lavender Jam to my savoury Rosemary Jelly I am sure to have something to seduce everyone’s taste buds. 
Niagara Farm Girl.

Eat. Cook. Enjoy”

-Exotic Jelly-

Wedding Favour
Wedding Favours.JPG

Treat your guests to an unexpected burst of flavour. With Exotic Jelly gourmet jams and jellies you can customize your labels to suit your perfect day. Give them something they will enjoy. To learn more click on the picture to your left.

  Niagara Farm Girl.

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Exotic Jelly made in Niagara on the Lake
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