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Burrr!! It's Cold

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

It’s the first part of April and I should be getting things ready for planting season. But oh gosh!, my feet are so cold in these darn muck boots. I even put on an extra pair of wool socks. But I chose to wear rubber boots because everything is thawing and the gardens are mucky. It’s hard to work with gloves on but as soon as I take them off my hands are chilly and the damn air is blowing down the back of my jacket. I just want to go inside where it is warm and comfy cozy and stand on the heat vent to warm my toes. Suddenly, I catch myself. I am tough person and here I am whining like a kid. One of the things I hate is when people complain about the weather. But it is soooo cold. This reminds me of an old saying “there is no such thing as bad weather, only a bad clothing choices.

So the debate is on!! Should I hire someone to open the gardens and work inside creating a blog? Or stay on budget and do it myself. Well, I am inside making a blog but I have not hired anyone yet. We will see how the weather is in a couple of days.

I got this amazing idea that I am going to start some cold beds. I only have a small greenhouse, and will not be able to fit everything I want inside. What I am going to try and grow this year is chocolate scented daisy, monksfruit, chocolate cosmos and rugosa rose to name a few. I have lots of other amazing additions arriving in May. With the cold beds and the extra space, it will allow me to experiment more.

I love it! The flavour combinations are endless!!!!! Have a jelly good day! Niagara Farm Girl.

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