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What's Up in the Garden?

Each year I pick some different plants. Some picks are based on that I think they will taste amazing in a jelly. Some smell amazing some are just pretty to look at. This year I picked the Caper Bush, also called Flinders Rose. This is a perennial plant that bears rounded, fleshy leaves and large pinkish-white flowers. The plant is best known for the edible flower buds which are called capers and are used as a seasoning. Also I selected some Ginger Bushes. These, I’m growing for the sheer pleasure and the promise of the amazing aroma throughout my back yard. Yes, and saffron, I will give it my best try to grow my own it is so exciting. Cannot wait for spring

I am going a bit crazy being locked in for the winter and the virus, but I have taken the time to get creative and add some new flavours. For starters I have created a Pear and Chocolate Jam and a Peach and Mustard Jam. You will find them on the shop page.

I know no one likes to hear this yet, but I have been working on Christmas!! I know!! I know!! It’s so early, but each year it catches me off guard because the summer season is so busy. So instead of complaining about restrictions I have put the time to good use. I have some Christmas gift surprises that will be launched in August. The limited edition packages are hand painted, no not by me. I only paint stick people but my friend Bonnie is doing and unbelievable job.

Niagara Farm Girl!

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