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Supporting Small Business

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

The world is so uncertain right now with the Covid-19 and social distancing. It is knocking the crap out of small businesses. These small businesses play an important part in our community. They care about the wellbeing of people and donate to a lot of good causes. So since we are all home more and have time on our hands, make a list of your favorite local businesses and artists then go on line and share their social media posts. Buy from your local pharmacy and grocery store. It keeps you out of the city.

Social distancing is the right thing to do now. But the worry is that if everyone stays home, we won’t only shut down Covid-19, we’ll shut down small businesses as well. Most local businesses have already lost massive amounts of revenue as the virus wreaks havoc.

· Get delivery (grocery, pharmacy, pizza)

· Shop local online. ( lots of your favourite shops are there)

· Garden Centers (you can place orders and pick up)

· Local paint store (will deliver, finish up some project)

It’s a time that we all need to support each other. So check up on your neighbour, call people and see how they are doing, drop a meal off to someone in need. This will make the community stronger as we go through this together.


Niagara Farm Girl

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