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Rosehips Everywhere!

A few years back I tried to grow rose hips, with no success Oh they sprouted and then they drooped and died. Well in the last few months Rosehips have been appearing everywhere for me. I got a bouquet of flowers and rosehip were in the arrangement. When I picked up my Christmas planters there again rosehips tucked inside all the greenery. My son was helping a friend on his farm and he told me there were wild rosehips everywhere. They look like small crab apples, but thorny. He picked me a bucket and I went to work and made a

Rosehip and Hibiscus Jelly.

Wild Rose hips are available during the late fall and winter months. Rose hips are nutritional power-houses. A handful of rose hips contains as much vitamin C as 60 oranges! They are rich in vitamin A and B. They also have bioflavonoids, chemicals that strengthen blood vessels to prevent bruising, nosebleeds and hemorrhages. If you pick your own, avoid bushes that were sprayed with pesticides. For the best result, wait until after the first frost. If you do they’ll be softer and sweeter.

So to my discovery the wild roses I have been cutting down and trying to get rid of in our pool area is actually none other than ROSEHIPS. I am taking this as a sign that the Rosehip and Hibiscus Jelly will be a huge success, in the line of unique gourmet jams and jelly. Have a jelly good day!!! Niagara Farm Girl

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