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Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Why Recycle Jelly or Jam Jars? Glass bottles represent the quickest recycled-packaging process, as a bottle can be recycled and back on store shelves in 30 days. Unlike most materials that lose their quality over time, glass can be recycled infinitely with no loss in purity. I would like to offer my customers an offer. If you return your empty jars from jelly or jam and you have collected a dozen, I will give you a free YESSS!! I said FREE!!, jar of jelly or jam of your choice. I know some of you save the jars for home uses like buttons, spices and that is great. But for the rest of you, how about it? Do you want a FREE jelly or jam? Message me when you have a dozen and I can arrange to make the exchange.

Thanks Niagara Farm Girl

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