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Easter Egg Hunt Still Lives

For the past 14 years, I have been doing Easter Egg Hunts for my grandchildren. It is quite the event. The grandchildren all arrive to a loaded yard of candy. The excitement is contagious but before they can start, they all gather for a family photo with their cousins.

This year with social distancing in place, it would have been a great disappointment. So I came up with a remarkable, fantastic idea.

I am calling it the FACE TIME HUNT. I am sending out an Easter card to each grandchild with a scheduled time that I will be calling them to start their hunt. On face time they will help me hunt for their candy in the yard. On the following Tuesday, I will mail out all their treasures.

This will make history for them. One day when they have children they will tell the story of the pandemic and there first FACE TIME HUNT.

Niagara Farm Girl

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