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Christmas!! Oh I know it’s Early

We are still enjoying some heat from the summer and I am talking about Christmas. It’s only the beginning of October and it has been so hard to keep a secret this long. But I am one of those people who put their tree up as soon as Halloween is over. This year I have actually been working on Christmas. Since we were all on lock down, what can I say, I had a lot of time on my hands.

So I have created the perfect add-on to go with any charcuterie board. It is called “The Charcuterie Must”. I have built a box that you can use afterwards for a small shelf. Included in the box are Water Crackers, Tomato Garlic Jelly, Hot Pepper Jelly, 2 Brie Style Cheeses and Salt Carmel Whiskey Jelly.

There is more. My friend Bonnie has been painting up a storm during the lock down. She has been working on The Limited Edition which includes four 45ml jars of jellies. The packages are all hand painted with a touch of Christmas. Just a word of advice. When they are posted, if you want them, grab them, they will not last long.

Also I have added a “build a basket” to my web site, so you can choose what goes in your basket. This allows you to make it more personal by choosing things you know the receiver will love. The items range from crackers, cookies, cheese, jellies, charcuterie boards and more. Building a basket adds that personal touch and will be so much fun. After you have placed your order, I will gift wrap it, add a card and ship it! What can I say? It’s that simple.

Don’t forget about the Jelly of the Month Club another perfect gift. Just let me know how many months you would like your gift to be for. Included in this is two jams or jellies 190 ml and a gift and free shipping.

That’s enough about Christmas for now, but keep watching it will be here before you know it.

Niagara Farm Girl

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