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Niagara's Best Jellies!!!
From the heart of Niagara on the Lake, my passion has produced a succulent line of unique gourmet jams and jellies. I grow as many of the ingredients as possible, to ensure the finest blends with enticing fragrant aromas, vibrant colours, and flavours that will stimulate all of your senses. From my sweet Raspberry Lavender Jam to my savory Rosemary Jelly I am sure to have something to seduce everyone’s taste buds. Join the Jelly of the Month Club for a monthly supply of unique flavours From Niagara Farm Girl.

Eat. Cook. Enjoy”

-Exotic Jelly-

Wedding Favour
Exotic Jelly Recipes
Growing up in Niagara on the Lak

Treat your guests to an unexpected burst of flavour. With Exotic Jelly gourmet jams and jellies you can customize your labels to suit your perfect day. Give them something they will enjoy from  Niagara Farm Girl.

Visit my recipe idea's for something special for dinner tonight with gourmet jams and jellies. You will be surprised how quick and simple they are. The line of gourmet jams and jellies will help you to become creative. Join the Jelly of the month Club and receive recipes cards. Niagara Farm Girl.

Growing up on a farm in Niagara on the Lake, was where my passion began for gourmet jams and jellies. Growing and preserving

brings me back to my childhood. That was the start for Niagara Farm Girl.

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Hot Pepper Jelly. Try this on a taco or wheel of warm brie and crackers. This jelly has a mild heat. Made by Niagara Farm Girl.

Horseradish Jelly, is so delightful. Try it on a roast beef sandwich to make your taste buds water this unique gourmet jelly will be something you will need on hand. Niagara Farm Girl

Blackberry Peppercorn Jelly paired with chicken or made into a sauce for glazing beef is exquisite from Niagara Farm Girl.

Join the Jelly Club

Launching a jelly club is the perfect way to receive jam or jelly each month. It makes the perfect gift for someone you love, even yourself.


Each month: I will select mouthwatering gourmet jams or jellies, one sweet and one savoury that are produced in small batches by Exotic Jelly. Each shipment includes two varieties (190ml jars) made with only the finest, all-natural ingredients, also two recipe cards on how to be creative with your preserves. Delivery is included for 24.99 a month.

I haven’t forgotten those of you that need sugar free THAT WILL BE COMING SOON!!!!

Exotic Jelly made in
Niagara on the Lake
Contact Karen


exoticjelly @ cogeco .ca


905 328-6976

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